MAS Alien Objective, Death Guard Status Sheet

I've not had much time for painting Epic models recently but thanks to a bout of insomnia managed to paint up one of Micro Art Studio's alien objectives (available online here, hint hint ;-) ).

Having previously noted it's scale-less nature I'd based it to match my Epic Death Guard force on a ply base with Vallejo Sandy Paste for texture.

To give very vibrant colours but plenty of depth in tone and variation of colour I started with a white undercoat over grey and worked down from the palest areas with multiple layers of washes, glazes and thinned paint. This let me add lots of different colours while working down into the shadows, making it a very satisfying model to work on. The pink areas then got a little bit of edge highlighting at the end. Overall I used something like twenty different paints/glazes/inks on this!

Here it is with a Nomad Moderator.

This will look fine on the club's desert plateau table but won't work so well with the urban layouts. However I have a few other objectives for those tables...


EDIT - to the right of the middle photo you can see the undercoated alien objective before it got a white overspray.


Anyway, here it is with some of the 6mm Dribbly Gribblies.

Again, the scale looks fine so this has turned out to be a handy dual-purpose objective.


Now something that's not painting but definitely related to the army. For a while now I've wanted to do some status sheets for my superheavies as I typically run 4-5 of them at 3,000 points and sometimes as many as 6-7. Using dice next to each one to keep track of stuff gets messy. So here's the rough test.


Eventually all the photos will be replaced with photos of the finished models and they will all have specific names. Plus I need to fit a Great Unclean One on there somehow...

The three squares under each unit photo are 14mm so slightly bigger than a standard die so there will be white dice for blast markers (or physical markers on the model), red dice for damage and black dice for Void Shields making it really easy to keep track of each machine.