2012 Postage Increases

If you're not in the UK (and even if you are), you've probably not aware that Royal Mail are about to introduce their largest increase in postal charges since 1975 - for some types of overseas packet the prices are nearly doubling!

As much as we try to keep our P&P charges on the low end, we now have no choice but to increase them or end up losing money on nearly every package we send out the door. :-(

Odalisque Arm Swap

Quite a long time ago I bought a bunch of Infinity Odalisques with the idea of forming a unit of them. As there are only two models available this was likely to involve some conversion work. Also the Odalisque illustration in the Human Sphere rulebook has a much better pose - seen below on the cover of the Beasts of War quick start PDF alongside the two released sculpts:


Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 3 - Painted Armies, Zombies!

But first, round 3! (Part two here, by the way.)

Unused guard dogs in the middle of the table while some Loup-Garou set up behind the turtle:


Yu Jing on the loose again:

Spring Challenge Tournament Results

The results for the Spring Challenge. The total number of tournament points from each round was the main criteria with victory points as the tie-breaker. We also kept track of crits suffered by each player.

Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 1

This evening I was over at Iron Haven Games setting up tables for this weekend's Infinity Spring Challenge. Here are the results.

First up is the trophy rack prize shelf.

Infinity Überfallkommando & GZG Drone Assembly

Having finally broken open my Überfallkommando box set that was bought back in the Autumn, the assembly of the Chimera and Evil Ram Pupnik (henceforth known as the Evil Goat Git) was involved enough to deserve a blog post in addition to the review!


First, Evil Goat Git.

Moderator Sniper Conversion

For #miniaturemonday this week I decided to do a blog post covering a conversion I've wanted to do for a while - a Infinity Nomad Sniper. In game terms it's a bit of an oddity as you'd usually be better off having the Multi Sniper Rifle on a more powerful unit, but as part of a Link Team it could be quite nasty.

Anyway, here goes. Some plasticard rod, 1mm metal wire, the 'bunny girl' Moderator, an Intruder Sniper's Multi Sniper Rifle (for comparisons) and one of Antenociti's resin spaceship bases.

PAW 2012 Demo Table Report part 2

Following on from part one, some more photos from PAW 2012.

First up, some of the other SF&F tables. Beasts & Bionics' very nice-looking Puplp City game, I believe using Sarissa precision buildings:

You've got to love a knitted TARDIS!