Construction - Epic Defiler and Infinity Szalmandra

In the last couple of weeks I started getting paint on the Epic objectives and the swarm:



The first of the Plaguereaper Superheavy Tank conversions was finished:



Plus mockups for the Defilers started:



Then, in the midst of a surprisingly busy week, I managed to get some more construction done - both Epic and Infinity!

The Death Guard now have their first assembled Defiler.


The legs as mentioned in previous blog posts are from the GZG Spider Drones, the top half is made from a random bit of plastic rod for the column, a very old Marauder Dark Elf shield for the carapace, some Chaos Spawn tentacles (including one with an eye), a couple of Sentinel Multilasers on small inverted turrets and a 40k Laspistol chopped up on a third inverted turret.


I also finally managed to get the last few bits done on my Nomad Szalamandra, gluing on the arms and fins and adding the Zinge Industries flexible ammo belt.