Death Guard Update & Status Sheet

I tend to run a lot of 'multi-wound' war machines in my Epic Death Guard forces so decided to do a war machine status sheet to keep track of damage, void shields and blast markers on multiple gribblies at once. As this required a photo-shoot to have photos of the actual units on the sheet, I took the opportunity to do a group shot of all the painted models.

So, group shot!

Status sheet:

The idea is to print the sheet onto A4 card. The 'status' squares are 14mm so slightly larger than a standard d6 so I can use white, red and black dice to keep track of everything without having too many dice or markers strewn across the battlefield...

Anyway, as a bonus picture, here's the collection of Plaguehounds (Warhound-equivalents) and Plaguereapers (Baneblade equivalents):

More photos can be found in the Death Guard gallery.