Epic Death Guard - Contagion Engine Conversions

It's been a while since I played Epic regularly but Epic Armageddon is seeing a bit of a revival at the club, so I've dug out the remnants of my semi-painted Nurgle forces.

To go with the painted Death Guard stands so first new addition will be a formation of Contagion Engines for some long-range firepower. Inspired by mageboltrat's excellent Bombard conversions that appear in the Epic UK army list PDF I decided to do my own conversions rather than tracking down some of the old metal catapult models.

From http://www.tacticalwargames.net/taccmd/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=17873&start=60

Being a skinflint (and having a sizeable plastic bits box) I decided to use the original placcy Land Raiders as the basic chassis with some 40k bits for the main gun:

The first step was to remove the Lascannon sponsons, turn the chassis upside down and cut away the rear engine block wall. The nozzle from the Chaos Combi-Flamer was also removed, ready for replacement with the 'gun gargoyle head':

Result! Simple, effective and does the job:


Now a couple of variants based around a Hunter Killer Missile instead of the Combi-Flamer:


Scale comparisons:


Group shot, note that the leftmost one (using an old Chaos Autocannon) is not assembled yet:

Finally, I've added some gloop overflowing from the 'mouths':

Next up will be some objective markers and basing up a Nurgling-themed Plague Zombie Infestation.


Part two is now up.