Epic Death Guard - Objectives & Nurglings

Following on from yesterday's blog post, I've been basing up a proxied 'Plague Zombie Infestation' and working on some objective markers.

The models for the zombies infestation are a mix of Space Marine-era Nurgling piles, some early Eighties Citadel C29 Creepy Crawlies range scorpions and some leech/centipede models from an unknown manufacturer - picked up at a games convention at some point. After trying out how they would look on 20mm ply discs I decided to go for 25mm discs instead as it would make the lips of the built-in bases easier to hide.


I'm still undecided on whether to magnetise the bases (like all my Infinity models), it's a bit fiddly with the thinness of Epic bases but it does make transporting them so much easier.

Right, objective markers. Epic Armageddon really encourages the creation of terrain pieces for use as objective markers, so here goes.

First, this was a classic 'Big Marine Statue' objective that came in a job lot. The metal Marine turned out to be a very rare Skulz-only release so he got pulled off the Imperator foot for resale and replaced with a 2nd edition placcy Marine - plus of course the equivalent Epic model guarding the top of the stairs. :-)

This is all on a 40mm metal washer to give it enough weight to stay in place during a game. The texture is some Vallejo coarse pumice which is too coarse for Epic, I'll have to get hold of some fine and see what that's like.


Next, this is another conversion of an existing piece, this time a 28mm pillar that I got from Robin of Gruntz fame. The model on the top was replaced with a really messy Magnus and some extra detailing was added to the sides.

The faces of the columns had a symbol of one of the Ruinous Powers added, plus I cut away a flat area at the bottom and added an access door:


Finally, a corresponding access hatch was added to the top, tucked in behind Magnus. It's made from the 6mm base cut off the Marine for the first objective:


Objective three is scratch-built from a variety of 40k bits and represents some kind of Nurgle slime facility, possibly an ammo dump for the Contagion Engines:


The 'bowl' (the back of an IG searchlight) will get mostly filled with Plasticine before painting and then have a few alternating layers of PVA and ink added on top. Again, a 40mm washer used as the base.


All three objectives:


Also on the workbench is the Warhound being rebased:

However the 1.6mm ply disc is a bit too flexible so I'll probably end up using a flying base or similar, or possibly a spare plastic 40mm base from my Infinity models as they're shallower than the GW ones.

Finally, a scale shot of an old metal Beast of Nurgle, CSM stand and a GZG hex-drone which is going to be converted into a Defiler: