Exeter Inquisition - New Venue & Website

For some time now I've been a committee member of a wargaming club in Exeter called the Exeter Inquisition. After a period of dilution and dispersal I'm proud to announce that we have a new regular venue in the Scout HQ in Marsh Barton, Exeter!

Over the years we've met in a number of different locations, initially meeting in the local GW on our own evening, until GW retail HQ changed policy and stopped the arrangement.

Then for a year or two we were in the St Sidwells Centre (also in central Exeter) where the name raised a few eyebrows.

St Sidwells started making a lot of fuss about increasing rental fees at the same time that a small group of local gamers decided to try runing a gaming venue out on the edge of town, so we decamped to the then-new Iron Haven Games. Due to the nature of the set up there the club got a bit diffuse so when Iron Haven unfortunately closed a few months ago we were a bit stuck, meeting temporarily in Clifton Road Games.

Finally, after a lot of running around I managed to sort out a new venue for an affordable cost in the local Scouts HQ. This Tuesday was our first night there and it went well. :-)

Time for some more photos...


Although we're paying a bit more in rent than we were in the old St Sidwells Centre, it's a clean well-appointed room with WIFI and a digital projector. The kitchen is next door and we even have some storage space in a cupboard upstairs. :-)

Next door to our room is one about twice the size which might see use for tournaments and events in the future.

If you're in the Exeter area on a Tuesday evening, here's the map with directions, but if it's between now and Christmas make sure you check the diary as some of the weeks were already booked out.

On that subject, to go with the new venue and the need for a more up to date website I've redone the club site from scratch - adding in a more sophisticated calender system which can also be used to organise week-to-week games match-ups, a theme that isn't just one of the standard Drupal-installed ones and a proper forum with unread posts features etc.