Freddie's Travel Diary - Day 12,13,14,15

These guys are really restless. Instead of enjoying the nice weather and climbing another mountain they are back in their van eating miles on the motorway.

Travelled up through Germany but at least took a turn past the legendary Neu Schwanstein fairy tale castle. No Pictures :( - would you believe it, they deleted them before they got downloaded. And that from a photographer and computer expert!

In the evening we stopped in a nice town and there were a lot of hellos and such. Now I understand. This is the family visit part!

They left eventually and went to Ikea of all places to buy shelf boards. How sad is that?

Went along the Rhein River and took a ferry across to Bingen. The main attraction there is the Mäuseturm (the mice tower). According to legend during a famine a the bishop of Mainz fled to this tower, which is on an island in the Rhine. He took all his grain with him to escape starvation but the mice followed him across the water and ate all his flour. So he starved like everyone else.

And here is the only picture they took there: