ITS 2014: Cliff Notes Edition

The 2014 Infinity Tournament System season (try saying that quickly ten times) introduced some new missions and tweaked some of the missions from the previous season.

To focus players' minds at the Spring Challenge last month I did a set of summary slides which were shown before each round. I've now added ones for the missions we didn't play at the event.

Lifeblood was one of the new scenarios for the 2014 season. It has slightly stricter army list restrictions than the other missions as you not only need some Specialist troops but also troopers with specific ammo types to destroy the crate objectives after they've been searched.

Quadrant Control is one of the per-turn scored missions.


Technically it's called Beacon Race but that didn't last long. Definitely a mission that you need to playtest before playing in a tournament, you need a good mix of Specialists to get markers out of the central objective room, fast and/or tough runners to get the markers out to the drop-off zones and some area denial/board control tricks to stop the other player doing the same.

The second of the per-turn scored missions, Antenna Field involves leaving your Specialists in contact with the objectives at the end of each turn and then trying to hold the middle and furthest objectives at the end of the game.

There is a large exclusion zone covering the middle of the board, stopping infiltration, airborne deployment or mechanised deployment outside of a 4" strip in front of each deployment zone.

Supplies is one of the previous season missions and has a big first player advantage if the player has a suitable list with infiltrating Specialists, smoke cover and runners to get the three crates back into a defended area. 


Frontline is the second of the area control missions, with each player getting more points the further across nomansland they control.

Emergency Transmission tends not to be used in tournaments due to the need for seven objectives per table.

This is one of the simplest missions, with three objectives to control at the end of the game if the opponent hasn't taken the objective back.



Annihilation is a slightly misleading title, due to the two classified objectives worth two points each you actually get more points for them than for either enemy kills or surviving troops!

As one of the days was a Joint Ops tournament I did a cheat sheet for that as well.


For anyone who wants to use these slides at an event, you can download a zip of all of them here.