Infinity Bootleg Packaging

The bootleg range just arrived.

The new packaging makes a drastic change in design, reinforcing that these are part of a separate range from the gaming models. All rather tasty in design, if a bit tasteless when it comes to some of the illustrations...

Dark blue packaging.Dark blue packaging. Scarface diorama.Scarface diorama. 'Pneumo-boob' Tech-Bee.'Pneumo-boob' Tech-Bee. O-Yoroi pilot.O-Yoroi pilot. Lizard pilot.Lizard pilot. Maghariba Guard pilot.Maghariba Guard pilot.

Model-wise I like the Scarface diorama the best, but might end up getting the Maghariba Guard pilot to conert into a better Kum Biker.


P.S. These should be available on the web store in the morning.

Now in stock...