Gencon 2013 - Infinity News

At GenCon last week, Bostria from Corvus Belli held a seminar talking about the future of Infinity, with all sorts of interesting bits coming down the pipeline! But first a thank you to Guges from the Infinity Forum who gave me permission to use his photos of the seminar, and a peek at CB's explosive growth of the last few years! As usual, click on any thumbnail to see a bigger image. Thanks also to Doremicom for videoing the seminar and uploading it to YouTube (part 1 of 2 EDIT and now part 2 of 2 as well).

As this is going to be quite a long round-up, here's the section links...

Dire Foes

New Releases

TAG Designs

Warcor Program

Morat Redesign

ITS Season Five



New Releases

Next month's releases include a Yu Jing Pheasant Sniper, Haqqislam Qapu Khalki Starter Pack (all repackaged models), Combined Army Shasvastii Aswuang Spitfire, ALEPH Atalanta Sniper with Spotbot and a Tohaa Kamael box set of four models.



Dire Foes

An interesting slant on releasing more Spec Ops models and some much sought after civilian models, these sets will take the form of two Spec Ops from different factions and a Civvie model plus a scenario based around the Civvie and named versions of the two Spec Ops models.


'Not-Danny' v. 'Pass me another Missile Launcher!'


If you've watched Game of Thrones, Lupe Balboa doesn't need a lot of explanation, and also has promise to be a much better model than the current Vortex Spec Ops model.

Trasimedes, on the other hand, needs a bit of background. There's a long-running occasional comic strip by Alexander Nevsky covering some of the characters in the Infinity universe. A recurring theme of these is the artificial recreation of Achilles being a lech and waving his fair locks at the ladies - usually followed by the world-weary Trasimedes being passed a missile launcher to shoot Achilles and save the ladies, at least until the next backup body is decanted...


A lovely acknowledgement of the fans. :-)


Alien v. Alien

A female Tohaa Spec Ops and 'male' Shasvastii Spec Ops.



Bipandra v. Morat

Bipandra the Fusilier appears in many of the combat examples in the rules, always succeeding where the haplass Angus always fails.



PsychoticStorm v. Yasbir

Panoceania get a third Spec Ops for the Military Orders while Haqqislam get a Hassassin Muyib. In another great bit of fan acknowledgement, Konstantinos is one of the earliest fans of Infinity and does a lot to promote the game - his post count on the official forum is even higher than mine! While Yasbir has been beta testing Infinity with the CB staff from the earliest days and his Hassassin character has also appeared in Alexander Nevsky's strips many times.


Konstantinos seeing the model concept based on him, having travelled to GenCon from Greece!


Isobel v. Yuriko

A female Ariadna Caledonian Spec Ops and female Yu Jing Japanese Spec Ops. I'll be very interested to see how the sculptor of Isobel does the hair.




Now we get a series of five civilians and/or scenario objective models.


Notably, the Civvies are all pretty women - somewhat mysogynistic but given the large demographic of young male wargamers I can't really fault the commercial reasoning behind it...

The exception, our tireless/luckless Fusilier Angus, like Bipandra a staple of the rulebook's rule examples. With a big and slightly stupid grin...



A whole bunch of TAG concepts were shown, including the much-awaited Nomad iguana and powered-armour operator.

Gecko (Nomad mini-TAG):

Plus, from the Datasphere forum the O12 podcast Facebook page, the Gecko as seen in the new Art Book:

Tohaa Gorgos:

Nomad Iguana & Operator, hopefully the Operator is still just a dolly and hasn't been posed yet:


Again from the Datasphere forum O12 podcast, a size comparison of the Iguana, Gecko and the Iguana Operator:

Finally for the TAGs, the PanOceania Armoured Cavalry is being reworked at some stage, very Glitter Boy-looking:

That's a lot of big stompy stuff on the way.


Warcor Program

Corvus Belli have given informal support to people who go out and promote the game, but are now launching an official pressganger/outrider-style program. No more details known at this point, but discounts on the digital versions of the tournament packs would be handy.


ITS Season Five

It sounds like the Infinity Tournament System is getting a big shakeup next year, answering most of the issues.

The first one listed above is first for a reason - the current ITS rankings are a purely cumulative score, play more ITS tournaments and you get more points. The new system is going to weight this towards how well you do in each event, but it sounds like there may still be a cumulative element.

Next come new missions. This year CB added a list of simple missions for the ITS but there are a number of balance issues with them, Supply Run in particular being winnable in the first turn with an appropriate list, winning the initiative and a modicum of luck on the dice rolls.

They're also inroducing a bunch of non-competitive formats that will still count as ITS events, but I have no idea how that's going to work.

Also, countries that have enough ITS events during the season will get their own national league, with the winner of each league getting a model painted by Angel Giraldez (staff painter for CB) as a prize. I'm hoping the UK scene is big enough, but as I submit something like 80% of the UK ITS results we'll have to see...


Morat Redesign

My, this 'summary' has turned out to be a bit long! Last but definitely not least, the Morats of the Combined Army are getting a starter pack (contents as seen above) and a major redesign.

Old Morat Vanguard v. New Concept Art


Overall a much more refined design, notably when it comes to the guns.

It looks like the majority of these will be CAD work:


I'm not sure what Scarface's shoulder pads are doing on there, but it looks vicious. ;-)

This appears to be the digital sculpt for the female Treitak Morat Spec Ops:



That all got a bit longer than anticipated, but that's how it goes.



Edited to give correct attributution for the artbook images.


You may-or-may-not want to mention the desire of several forumites to buy the set with Trasimedes, just to use him as a replacement Missile Launcher toting trooper whenever facing Aleph w/ Achilles.  Just for pure trolling.

Proper Credit

Some of the pictures above credited to the "Datasphere community" are pictures I took from my Artbook and posted at the Infinity O-12 Facebook Page. I do not know if they reposted wihout giving credit, or whether you are miscrediting. The O-12 Facebook Page will continue to update news items every day over the next several weeks. We were given the ACTUAL photos on a Thumb Drive by Carlos (Bostria) himself - so they will not be unfocused blurry shots from the back of the room, but rather the real thing. Please check it out!

A bit of both, as you'd see

A bit of both, as you'd see if you'd followed the link... Article edited to give the correct attribution and link.