Paradiso Mission Requirements (Updated)

Because I'm a nerd, and because I wanted to see how army-building requirements are going to shift with the new campaign book missions, here's a breakdown of what unit types you need for the various objectives in all fourteen of the main Campaign: Paradiso missions.

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Mission Engineer Required? Hacker Required? Baggage Required? Specialist Required? Doctor Required?
101 Data Recovery Or Hacker. Engineer better at searching. Or Engineer. Hacker can block enemy uploads. Bonus on some rolls.  
102 A & T Or Hacker. Or Engineer. Essential, bonus on some rolls.
103 Central Seizure Or Hacker. Or Engineer.   Essential for full points.
201 Jungle Ambush     Essential, +2 AVA. Essential for Attacker.
202 Hidden Witness Or Hacker. Or Engineer.    
203 Exfiltration D-Charges required for defender.     Essential for Defender.
204 Hijacking!     No but +2 AVA. Yes
205 Emergency Station     No but a bonus for EVO. Yes
301 Countdown Run Or Hacker, both is best. Or Engineer, both is best. No, but a bonus for EVO.  
302 Rescue and Medevac       Yes Yes
303 Departure at Noon Or Hacker. Or Engineer.   Yes
401 Breaking and Entering Or Hacker but D-Charges are essential. Or Engineer.   Yes
402 Contaminated Area Yes Useful. No, but a bonus for EVO.   Yes
403 Collapse Engineer or Minesweeper required.   Engineer or Minesweeper required.  


As you can see, Engineers or Hackers (and sometimes both) are incredibly important over the course of the campaign, being needed in most of the missions. Baggagebots (especially EVO Repeaters) are also essential for full points in several missions and in 201 you can't actually play the mission without taking some on both sides! As a minor aside, ties in objectives are broken by who has the most active points left on the table, making Baggage models even more useful.

Specialists also make a regular appearance in the mission aims, so you may well find that your skirmishers tend to end up being the Forward Observer versions.

Interesting times ahead...


Update 14th November

Time for the next table, this one showing restrictions on special deployment rules, turn limits and whether Servants/models with Repeaters can be used for the mission objectives.

Mission MechDep Restrictions? Infiltrate Restrictions? Impersonation Restrictions? AD Restrictions? Turn Limit Repeaters/G: Servant objectives?
101 Data Recovery Not allowed. -6 -6/-9 Normal Transmission Objective No
102 A & T Not allowed. -6 -6/-9 Normal 3 Turns/Triangulation Objective Yes
103 Central Seizure Not allowed. -6 -6/-9 Normal 3 Turns Yes
201 Jungle Ambush Normal Normal Normal Normal Black Box Objective -
202 Hidden Witness Not allowed. Normal but risky. Normal but risky. Elevators only. Security Panel Objective* No
203 Exfiltration Normal Normal Normal Normal VIP Objective -
204 Hijacking! Normal Normal Normal Normal after 2nd turn 3 Civvie Objective No
205 Emergency Station Normal Normal Normal Elevators only. Kill Everyone No
301 Countdown Run Not allowed. -3/-6 -3/-6 Not allowed. Time Limit Yes
302 Rescue and Medevac Not allowed. Not allowed. Only in own DZ. Normal from 2nd turn. 3 Turns G: Servant for the Doctors
303 Departure at Noon Normal Normal Normal Normal 3 Turns Limited
401 Breaking and Entering Not allowed. -6/Not allowed -6/Not allowed/-9 Landing in interior = dead 3 Turns Yes
402 Contaminated Area Not allowed. -6/-6 -6/-9 Not allowed. 3 Turns Variable
403 Collapse Not allowed. -6/-6 -6/-9 Not allowed. Kill Everyone & Clear Platform Objective No

*There is a typo in mission 202, there is no main console objective.

Infiltration notes - a single figure means that it applies outside your deployment zone and is also added to the penalty if you go over the halway line. Where there are two figures the first is outside your DZ, the second is over the halfway line.

Impersonation notes - the first modifier appies outside your DZ, the last applies in the enemy DZ.

AD notes - a couple of the missions only allow AD troops to enter via Elevators on the edge of the board, with the AD level controlling how random their arrival is.

Time Limit notes - most of the objectives have a hard turn limit or end when certain objectives have been reached. The main exception is 102 where there is a hard turn limit but the game can end early.

Servant/Repeater notes - some objectives can be performed by G: Servant models for Doctors/Engineers or by models with Remotes for Hackers. BtB contact is still required. Note that mission 103 lets Hackers work through Deployable Repeaters for some of the objectives.


Poor Zouaves with their Mechanised Deployment! They basically lose out on the whole of the first chapter and most of chapters 3 & 4. Superior Infiltration becomes much more useful due to not scattering, so models like Bran do Castro, Covert Uxia and the Oniwaban (and Impersonators) can deploy somewhere hidden and then recloak.


Covert Action Uxia

Regarding your last sentence, Uxia has limited camouflage and thus cannot recamouflage.

Thanks Ian!

Thanks a bunch IJW for putting this together. This is a great resource for when you are planning your lists ahead of time! It's fantastic that they made the models that IMO were lacking, right one par with everything else now.

I don´t like this concept, it

I don´t like this concept, it is basicly the same that GW using to force every player to use troops. Instead of making hackers und enginees mandatory for missions CB should have reworked their rules. So that everybody could decide to use specialist after personal preference and playstyle and is not forced to use them.

Along the same line of

Along the same line of thought, how dare they make models that you have to use to play their game?!    Seriously, its not like ITS where you have to have the right models, or at least ones made by CB. Just proxy the models if you don't want to buy them.

No anonymous comments please!

Anonymous, I don't know who you are as you've left a fake email address and no name or website, but I emphatically disagree.

Tying specific missions and objectives to specific unit types and skills is what gives the Campaign: Paradiso missions a lot of their flavour and it makes sense in terms of background and realism.

EDIT - also, Corvus Belli have been warning the players about this for months, explaining that this was the reason behind the repackaging of Doctors, Engineers and helperbots into the Support Packs.

Totally agree, CB has been

Totally agree, CB has been telling us since the first ed main rules that they intended to have expansions to the way conflicts are done. My LGS used to talk to the devs and sculpters at CB every couple of weeks when they were beging and we were told that this was always the intention, but had to grow the company before dumping to many rules at once( they are a really small operation)