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Infinity Spring Challenge


  • 250 point ITS Tournament.
  • Seven rounds of tournament games plus informal gaming on Saturday night.
  • Wide variety of table types.
  • A mix of fixed and random missions.
  • Prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd and best-painted.
  • Tickets will cost £22.50 until 29th Feb, £25 from 1st March.


Tickets sold out as of 29th February.


Example table layouts:





Player List as of 29/02/12 (three slots left)

1. Robin/i0003, Haqqislam, Reading

2. Richard/REND, Yu Jing, local

3. Dom, ALEPH, local

4. Luke/Shaktar, ???, Torquay

5. Marton/ish, NeoTerra, London

6. Andrew/TheOneYouKnow, Yu Jing, London

7. Alex/SleepyAmoeba, PanO or ALEPH, Reading

8. Walter/WaltzJunta, Nomads, Manchester

9. Andy, Haqqislam, Reading

10. Remy, Ariadna, London

11. Chris/Pootleflump, Yu Jing, London

12. Matt/Drastic, PanOceania, Reading

13. Jae/Briareos, ???, Torquay

14. Richard/Crinos, ???, Torquay

15. Callum/Flipswitch, PanOceania, Cardiff

16. Ian/IJW/Wargaming Trader, Nomads, local


Prize Pool as of 26/02/12 (around £250-300 in total)

Infinity Tournament Pack (trophy, blisters, fabric badges etc.). 

Ex-review Infinity items. 

Micro Art Studio items (with thanks to Micro Art Studio, includes Designed for Infinity markers, bases and scenery). 

Sarissa Precision items (with thanks to Steve at Sarissa, includes several buildings and 2 x £20 vouchers).

Warmill Gaming Accessories items (with thanks to Warmill).

Tournament Pack now available for download.

You can find the beta versions of the missions here.