Infinity Unit Finder

I'm proud to announce the public beta of an Infinity unit database!

This database serves several purposes:

  • Integrated army lists for each faction/Sectorial across all books and PDFs.
  • Quick search for units by unit type, equipment, skills, LT options etc. across all factions.
  • A single place with the army list entry, background information and photos for each unit, plus links to the blisters and boxes containing that unit.

Please note that this is a reference tool rather than a list builder! 


How do I see an army list?

Go to the army list page, pick the relevant faction/Sectorial then click Apply. All army list entries for the army will load up including ITS-legal Mercenaries and Sectorial-specific units from other factions, like this:

Army List ViewArmy List View


Click on the unit name or Full Info to see the individual unit page including background information and links showing which blisters and boxes the unit is available in, for example:

Unit EntryUnit Entry


Army List Entries

These follow the newer Paradiso-style layout from Corvus Belli with a few changes, the main one is that AVA is shown as text rather than icons, with (L) for Linkable and (L*) for Linkable with special rules.

Unit Entry SectionsUnit Entry Sections

Unit Icon KeyUnit Icon Key

Some other changes have been made:

G: Servant and G: Synchronised have no order icon to make it clear that they don't produce Orders.

Forward Observers and models with Hacking Device Plus have their Flash Pulse weapon listed under BS Weapons.

Some unit notes have been tweaked to make them easier to read or extra notes have been added, for example listing which Steel Phalanx units a Myrmion Officer can link with.


Now the biggie - all equipment, skill and weapon names are links to the relevant entry in the Infinity wiki!


How do I search for a unit?

Go to and choose your settings. 

Unit SearchUnit Search

Unit Type = light infantry, medium infantry etc.

Equipment, skills and weapons are self-explanatory, but if you can't find something under Equipment it's probably a Skill!

Unit Name gives you a drop-down of all unit names in Infinity to go direct to a unit. Note that multi-part units like the Chimera and Pupnik should show up for either name.

Backup = Cube, No Cube, G: Remote Presence etc.


What's missing?

Units are still being added to the database - so far ALEPH, Nomads, Mercenaries and Haqqislam are complete, remaining factions will be filled in over the next few weeks.


What still needs doing?

The layout for all sections needs some tweaking, the most important being unit type dividers in the faction lists.

The rest of the units need adding (obviously).

A third list/search needs adding where you can see the unit logo, name and photo at the same time.

Once all units are up I will generate print-ready PDF army lists for each faction.


What can you do?

See if you can spot errors in unit entries.

let me know which bits of the database are useful/not useful.

Other feedback.