Summer Challenge Tournament Results

The results for the Summer Challenge. The total number of tournament points from each round was the main criteria with victory points as the tie-breaker. We also kept track of crits suffered by each player.

Yet Another Mission System 1.1


YAMS 1.1.pdf

Barracks Progress

The Barracks Indiegogo crowdfunder is now over, having raised $3,981 compared to the original $2,222 goal. :-)

However most of this was raised through book pledges rather than software pledges so the actual amount raised after costs is only 40% or so more than we were originally aiming for. :-(

So what's next?


Phase One - Writing

Over the next couple of weeks I will be taking the prototype/alpha version of the software and:

We buy stuff!

Struggling to raise funds for an army expansion, finance a new army or new games system or cover the annual price rise?

Turn your spare lead/plastic/resin pile into cash!

See our new buying page for more details.

Haqqislam Odalisques Box Set

Retail Price: 

The Odalisques are female bodyguards from the Haqqislam faction. This box set replaces the older blister with Boarding Shotgun. This is a more in-depth review than usual as these are my own models for my own army...

Infinity Roadshow June 2012 Poster

Summer Challenge Tournament Pack

Señor Massacre

Retail Price: 

Señor Massacre is a thinly-disguised Deadpool, a pit-fighter extraordinaire.


Pose & Styling

Roadshow report - Cut and Thrust

On Thursday 10th & Saturday 12th May I was up in Bristol at the Cut and Thrust store as part of the Infinity Roadshow.

As usualy I was too busy during the intro games themselves to remember to take any photos of the crowds, so instead I went round the store on Friday and photographed the rather impressive setup.

First the outside and the view you get as you come in through the door:

Legionary 2012 Report

Another Legionary has come and gone.

Not massively busy in terms of attendees but the Infinity roadshow games were well attended. Here's the table:


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