Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 1

This evening I was over at Iron Haven Games setting up tables for this weekend's Infinity Spring Challenge. Here are the results.

First up is the trophy rack prize shelf.

PanOceania Military Orders Magister Knight Box Set

Retail Price: 

The Magister Knights are future warrior-monks of the Military Orders of PanOceania.

ALEPH Dasyu Hacker

Retail Price: 

A single-model blister, the Dasyu are elite thermo-optic camouflaged killers.

Yet Another Mission System 1.0

YAMS v1.0.jpg

YAMS v1.0.pdf

Spring Challenge Mission: Info-Grab v3

Spring Challenge Mission: The Plant Collector v3

Spring Challenge Mission: Demon Download v6

Spring Challenge Mission: The Silk Must Flow! v4

Warmill Portable Utility Pod (P.U.P.)

Retail Price: 

Only released in February, Warmill's range of PUPs is still fairly small although it's part of their larger Street Wars range of enclosures etc. 


Sarissa Habitation Pod - Explorer

Retail Price: 

Coming to market toward the end of 2011 was Sarissa Precision's 'System ∞' set of modular laser-cut MDF scenery. From the name of the range Sarissa are clearly targetting the terrain-hungry needs of Corvus Belli's Infinity game and I'll be reviewing the kit accordingly.

The Explorer Pod is the smallest of the buildings in the range and is priced accordingly.


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