MAS District Five Apartment Building Mk. 2

Company: Micro Art Studio

Retail Price: 

Micro Art Studio's District 5 Apartment kit was one of the first mass-market laser cut SF buildings when it came out last year. This review covers the recent version 2 release which is cosmetically identical but has a slightly differently shaped floor piece to allow for future modularity. As far as I'm aware the two different versions of the kit will stack on top of each other but the floors and the long walls from the older version can't be interchanged with the new version or upcoming related models.

Malifaux: Seamus - Avatar of Dread

Company: Wyrd Miniatures

Retail Price: 
$35 (USD)

Welcome to a review of my first Avatar from Malifaux (by Wyrd Miniatures). As you have noticed I have gone for Seamus and his Avatar of Dread. Or, to a lot of people on the Internet, Mr Hyde/Hulk. So let’s make a start on this bad boy.

The Box

Infinity the Game House Rules: Movable Objects

Relic Miniatures

Company: Tor Gaming

Retail Price: 

Welcome to another review, this time we are going to look at some of the fine miniatures produced by Tor Gaming for their Relics game.

Let’s have a look what the postman brought:

So that is Vaettir Varriers, Orcnar Docga and Britanan Dragoons, so we have a nice mix of miniatures for this first dip into Relics. Lets rip open these bad boys and see what shiny is inside :D


Micro Art Studio Infinity Markers

Company: Micro Art Studio

Retail Price: 

Infinity relies heavily on status markers, most people print them out or photocopy them and cut them out, but Micro Art Studio are now offering official 'Designed for Infinity' versions in laser-cut acrylic.

Ooh, shiny!

PanOceania Guarda de Assalto

Retail Price: 

A two-model blisterpack, the Guarda de Assalto is a fast-moving powered armour trooper accompanied by a monowheel drone.

Noticably less complex to build than last week's Chimera, the Guarda de Assalto is notable for having two different sets of arms with different weapon loadouts.

Spring Challenge Tournament Pack

Spring Challenge Beta Mission: Info-Grab

Infinity Überfallkommando & GZG Drone Assembly

Having finally broken open my Überfallkommando box set that was bought back in the Autumn, the assembly of the Chimera and Evil Ram Pupnik (henceforth known as the Evil Goat Git) was involved enough to deserve a blog post in addition to the review!


First, Evil Goat Git.

Bakunin Überfallkommando Box Set

Retail Price: 

A four model box set, the Überfallkommando consists of a Chimera (a cyborg undercover operative) and her three Pupniks, human-animal hybrids bred for the underground fighting circuit.

Definitely a kit for the advanced modeller, the Chimera in particular is a tricky build.

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