Crystal Base Review

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Welcome to my review of Evil Mushroom Games Crystal bases (taken from my blog).

This is something different as this is my first video review that's right instead of only reading the good bits and looking at the pretty pictures you have to deal with my voice, although there are pretty pictures as well!



Infinity Spring Challenge


Yet Another Mission System Beta Release

2011 Christmas Card

Season's Greetings all!

Antenociti's Workshop Sci-Fi Secure Crates x 12

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This is a set of twelve 15mm cubic crates in three states, plus four lids.

Copplestone Castings Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Range

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£6.50 per pack

Welcome to another miniature review, this one will be a review of the miniatures you can get from Copplestone Castings. In particular from their Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range, which sits very nicely with Crooked dice’s game of TV spies 7TV.

And a huge thank you to them for letting me do this to their miniatures.


Lots of bags of goodness a very happy bear. 

No Go Zone

Company: Warm Acre Games

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£10 hard copy, $6 download

The fine chaps at Warm Acre games back in the summer kindly gave me copies of their games No Go Zone and Hour of Glory and thanks to a quite bonkers amount of work both on and off The Shell Case they got pushed down the review list. But today No Go Zone, a game or street violence, gets roughed up and shaken down for its beer money.

As I mentioned No Go Zone is a game about street violence. Law and order against the boozed up rabble of Chaos.

Infinity Ariadna Tankhunter with Autocannon

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Tankhunters do exactly what their name would suggest, they hunt and take down tanks, TAGs and Heavy Infantry.

The Tankhunter was released relatively early in Infinity's releases but the sculpt stands up well to newer ones.

Infinity Checkout Fixed

We've stocked Infinity on the webstore for several weeks now. Very little stock has sold. This was quite worrying.

It turns out that some of the code that runs the checkout was borked* and UK orders over £10 weren't going through the system properly.

Infinity for 40k Players 2: Game Mechanics


Welcome to part two of my ongoing series of introductory Infinity the game articles. This edition covers game mechanics and how they differ from 40k but it will not teach you how to play the game. You'll need to read the Quick Start Rules or main rules (see the end of the article for links) to actually learn the game. The QSR are a good start but be aware that a few areas have been simplified in them and are slightly different in the main rules.

First off, here's a quick comparison of the dice requirements for the two games:

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