Infinity Tsyklon 360

An Infinity Nomad Tsyklon Sputnik.

Competition Time!

Welcome to the first Wargaming Trader Competition, just in time for Christmas!

Yet Another Mission System Alpha Release

360 Degree Test

This is a quick test for embedding 360˚ views of wargaming models on the website. Once the progress bar has finished try dragging left or right on the image.

Still to do:

Rebuild the turntable to make it less visible.

Design & print a darker backdrop.

Make a YouTube-style  'click to play' preview.

By the way, this model (not painted by me) is going to be the competition in an upcoming Twitter competition.


Please let me know how well the 360˚ view works for you and what OS/browser you're using...


Infinity the Game for 40k Players: Background & Factions


Welcome to part one in a series of introductory articles about Infinity the game. Coming up in future articles will be game mechanics, gameplay, list building & tactics, miniatures and how all these differ from 40k.

Infinity Painting Pledge Update Part 1

After all too many months since the last update, it's time to let you know how my painting pledge is doing.

Since April I assembled and painted a bunch more Infinity Nomads in the run up to a tournament:

Masaai scout with Crazy Koalas:

Hellcat drop-troop with HMG:

Last Posting Dates for Xmas 2011

The Warhammer Trader and The Wargaming Trader would like to make sure that your items arrive before Christmas.

Last payment dates are as follows:

Secret Gaming Project Revealed: Phase One

The Wargaming Trader is proud to announce that we are now carrying a limited selection of the Infinity the Game range of miniatures.

Prices are 10% off retail with fixed P&P.

Can you keep a secret?

Social Media Stuff

As you may have noticed, all the articles, blog posts and downloads on the site now have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter links along the bottom.

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