The webstore is live!

We have worked long and hard and are now proud to present to you our NEW webstore! You will find several hundred Citadel, Warhammer and 40K items with new stock being added on a daily basis.

We offer FREE postage & packaging within the UK on orders over £10 and flat rate postage & packaging to any other destinations worldwide.

The Webstore Cometh Closer!

The new webstore is nearing completion, with keywording, payment, order tracking, customer accounts and general layout all done.

The next step will be to add a few hundred items, do some final checks and make it public!

This Monday is the current aim for the opening date, so keep checking back...

Infinity the Game: FAQ PDF

Infinity the Game: Optimized Marker Sheets

Bookmarked Unofficial Infinity the Game Rules Re-Edit

The Webstore Cometh!

It's been some time in the making, but our very own webstore should be going live in the next couple of weeks. This will run in parallel with the existing eBay store but will have about three time as much stock.

Another major difference will be post and packing charges - UK orders over £10 will be free via 2nd Class Mail, European orders will be £2.50 regardless of value and P&P to the rest of the world will have a flat £3.50 cost.

Burn it, burn it with fire! An Infinity batrep, with zombies

'We've had to put Moderator Halo 'Thumper' Jones into quarantine after the cleanup operation. Although she has shown no signs of infection it has been hard to distinguish the symptoms from her usual hyper-aggressive behaviour and she did come within touching distance of fifteen-plus active infection vectors, the so-called 'Mardi Gras zombies'.

Halo's actions have already been immortalised in 'The Ballad of Halo Jones' via Arachnenet in spite of Aleph's attempted news blackout on all channels of Maya.

Observations are continuing.'


Infinity FAQ PDF (2nd June 2011 outdated)

Grey Photo Backdrop

Infinity the Game: TaOS Missions version 1.1


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