Uncloaking Sniper Part 1

Having started playing Infinity about five months ago, the end of painting up my initial Nomads force is just about in sight. Out of three non-humanoid robots and eight humanoid models, the robots are base-coloured, three of the humans are finished and the remaining five humanoids (one human, two remote drones and a couple of walking bombs) are now undercoated.

Here's the most recent group shot, before the robots were base-coated and the unpainted models undercoated:

Painted humans:

PAW 2011 Convention Report

This past weekend was the annual games convention put on by Plymouth Association of Wargamers. I travelled down for the Saturday, not having enough time this year to go down on both days for the Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

The convention was made up of a gym hall full of traders around the edge with participation and demo games in the middle and a second hall full of tournament games so it was a fairly standard layout.

There were a number of interesting gaming tables in the main hall:

Paint Pot Chaos

I have a painting problem. A chaotic painting problem.

Now that I finally have a dedicated space for painting, the paints tend to spread across it in a tsunami wave of mess, confronting me with a sea of black and white lids, obscuring the colours I'm looking for!

A call for help on Twitter provided a link to some plastic carousels, but at over £50 I decided that that was money I'd rather be spending on more paint or models...

Ian's Acquisitions, January Edition

Oddly enough*, as someone who makes a living selling GW models, I don't buy many figures myself these days.

I made a few exceptions this month, though - a second Infinity faction is on it's way but I also picked up a couple of single figures.

First up is the last of Heresy Miniature's Predator-alike 'Hurn'. The last, as in model 1000 of a limited edition of 1000. :-)

Here he is, and as you can see by the dwarfed 30mm base, he's a monster! 37mm tip-to-toe. He makes plastic Space Marines look wimpy...

Infinity Stuff

Due to the amount of Infinity-related content I've been adding to the site recently (particularly the excellent Bibliotek e-zine issues), there is now a separate sub-section for Infinity-related resources.


A New Year's Timelapse

Being the geeky type that I am, when a club member and I had a large Infinity battle on New Year's Day, I decided to do a timelapse movie of the whole session.

Here is the result, although this is the rough cut without any additional editing:

Keep an eye on the far lampshade, it bobs about quite a bit...



Where Is My Parcel?

Recently we had a few queries from people who had bought things in early December whose parcels haven't arrived yet.

Please be patient. We have posted your items, often on the same day you actually paid.

But there are a few obstacles at the moment:

- a lot of snow in Britain with postal services having been suspended and severe transport delays on road, rail and air

- a lot of snow everywhere else in the northern hemisphere with similar problems 

Assault Cannon Through the Ages

Games Workshop's models have grown in size over the years. Most gamers are aware of this but every so often a comparison between old and new models makes it even more obvious.

In this case, that comparison is the different sizes of Terminator Assault Cannon:

Crunchy Maggots and Other Oddities

Models arrive with us in all sorts of packaging, here are some of my recent favourites.

A purpose-built wooden box, the most sturdy parcel we've ever received!

Snow, Snow, Snow

Down on the coast of Devon we don't see a lot of snow, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Today, on the other hand, we woke up to a white blanket and repeated snowfalls during the day...

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