2010 Christmas Card

Season's greetings everyone!

RTB01 Imperial Space Marines - spot the difference!

The RTB01 (Rogue Trader Box 01) Imperial Space Marines weren't Citadel Miniature's first science fiction plastics as their Cybermen and Dalek set from the licensed Doctor Who range came out in 1986, but they are pretty early when it come to 'modern' SF&F gaming plastics. Twenty three years is quite awhile ago!

What I'd not realised until very recently is that the RTB01 sprues had a recut later on in their working life - see if you can spot the difference:

SF&F Wargaming - the Golden Age is now!

Is this a golden age for non-historical wargaming? I'm convinced of it.

When I started wargaming in the Eighties it was hard to find out about new science fiction & fantasy games and models if they weren't stocked by your local store - and god forbid you didn't live near a gaming shop or a toyshop that stocked some gaming stuff!

Infinity the Game Terrain House Rules

When Gravity Attacks!

As some of you may know, I've been working on a set of modular buildings and tiles for the local wargames club - unfortunately, on Tuesday night, gravity struck!

New Site Logo

Given the attitude of a certain company's lawyers when it comes to use of their trademarked terms in web domain names we decided to change the name and logo when we added a web presence that wasn't part of the eBay Store.

The Display Ball Blog part 1

I've been cooking up a little side-project to go with the gaming club's modular urban table - an LED display ball or Mira Ball to show the store & club logos/web addresses when the table is used for demo games at conventions.

The ball works by spinning an array of 24 multi-colour LEDs at high speed on the end of an arm, leaving it up to the eye's persistence of vision to make a continuous image out of the fast-moving streaks.

Today it arrived.

Tape Dispenser

What to do when you need equipment and can't get to the shops:


Magnet Madness!

As part of a current project building some Infinity Nomads I've been playing around some more with neodymium 'rare earth' magnets. I've used them plenty of times in the past for weapon swaps and even for banners so that the banner can't break off, but this is the first time I've used magnets for basing/transport - the Nomad remotes have so many fiddly antennae that foam transport tends to catch on all the bits that stick out...

Infinity the Game Mission Roulette Cards

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