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Life Is Not Just Warhammer

Yesterday morning I put my other 'hat' on and travelled to North Devon to see a couple of clients and visit a friend.

The weather was fantastic, clear, sunny and autumn crispy. You can depend on the Highway Agency to get it all wrong - around Exeter the variable message signs signalled 'FOG' and not a wisp of mist in sight.

I had a swift and easy journey to the other side of the coast.

RTB01 Sprues Back in Stock

Just a heads-up that we have a bunch of Rogue Trader RTB01 Imperial Space Marine sprues just arrived, although it'll be a week or two before they've made their way through the system and onto eBay.


Apocalypse Counters - Vehicle Damage

Apocalypse Counters - Infantry & Objectives

Snipe, snipe, snipity-snipe

Using sniping software for eBay - always a contentious topic!

We use sniping software (specifically, Auction Hunter) for a number of reasons, partly based on the way that Lele and I search for items to bid on.

Travelling On The Wings Of My Parcels

Labelling parcels is mostly routine, sometimes stressful, especially when PayPal or Royal Mail don’t play ball and sometimes it fires my imagination.

Just think of Satsuma, Florida – everything turns orange and I can taste the sweet juice of an overripe fruit.

Cave Junction, Oregon - grey boulders, gritty sand under my feet, damp cool air emanates from the dark hollow. Looking up a fir wooded mountain rises to a blue sky, quick white clouds chased by the wind.

From Acupuncturist to Warhammer Trader

Warhammer was not a main interest in my life. I am a trained Acupuncturist and into all things medical. But then recession hit and my clients stopped coming. Faced with the choice of finding gainful employment or my husband selling his surplus lead the latter was much more appealing and he started his first eBay auctions in August 2008.

Packaging arrival of the day: File Box

We get a lot of strange and bizarre packets through the post when buying in stock for the store, and send out some pretty odd packaging ourselves.

Today's pick isn't odd as such, but it definitely raised a smile - a file box!

As packaging its very robust and kept the figures and tanks nice and safe, the problem is weight - at 655g it would cost nearly £3 to send when empty. :-(


They All Look the Same!!!

When I started getting involved with selling Warhammer one of the main problems was identifying figures. To someone uninitiated THEY LOOKED ALL THE SAME !

We would receive parcels of auctions we won and when unpacking Ian would point at a figure and say things like: ‘Wow, a Genestealer Hybrid, that’s worth about £15.’

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