Paint the one you're with...

The Problem

Having a collection of Rogue Trader and 2nd edition 40k forces including Eldar, Squats, Chaos Marines and some Tyranids (and vast swarms of Warhammer Skaven that would blanket the earth if stupid stupid rat creatures in they ever escaped), buying new models hasn't really been an issue for me for many a year.

Then Infinity came along. Wow.

Now I'm regressing to bad old habits - little piles of blisterpacks and unpainted figures starting to build up around the place. This is not acceptable! Fortunately I have weapons in my arsenal that I didn't have during my last big wargaming binge in the late Eighties and early Nineties - Iron Discipline and Self Knowledge!


The Pledge

It's time to implement the scheme known as 'No more "Must buy teh new shiny!" until you've painted the ones you've got.'. Something I never managed to stick to in previous attempts.

Using the tool of Self Knowledge from previous attempts, I'm including a few exceptions to keep it manageable and no, I'm not talking about exceptions like 'unless I feel like it'! These exceptions will be adhered to.


The Exceptions

  • I'll still let myself buy up to one blisterpack a month, as a treat to keep me going. otherwise it'd be cold-turkey for a looong time at my painting rate...
  • A couple of wargames conventions are coming up, Salute in April and Legionary in May. I permit myself to buy a small quantity of Infinity models at each, as long as there is a decent discount involved. This is likely to count towards the above monthly allowance, though.
  • I'm excluding my unassembled Yu Jing Gūijiă (for 40k players, think 'Dreadnought' but more humanoid), Combined Army Charontid (Heavy Infantry, the lower photo) and PanOceana ORC (Heavy Infantry, the lower photo) from the list of things to be painted.
  • This applies to Infinity models. This one is unlikely to have much effect as I don't generally buy models these days unless they are for gaming purposes and most of my current gaming time goes into Infinity.

That might sound like some quite broad exceptions, but new models purchased via the exceptions still get put into the queue of models that have to be painted before making new purchases. Buy that blister of models and that's another set of models that have to be painted before being able to buy more than one blister, or a starter box, or start a new faction etc.


The To Do List (part 1)

This is what's currently on the go, my Infinity Nomads:

  • Undercoated Spektr Sniper as seen last week.
  • Undercoated Lunokhod remote and Crazy Koalas.
  • Two base-coloured Tsyklon remotes (see Lunokhod link). EDIT 25/2 - one Tsyklon is now about half-finished, see comments.
  • Two undercoated Zondbot helper drones.


The To Do List (part 2)

I get to start on these once the first list is done, these are all still in packaging. Most of this second batch is my second Infinity faction - Haqqislam, an enlightened future version of Islam.

  • Two Yu Jing Yáokòng remotes, to be painted up as ones that have been 'borrowed' by my Nomads as I like them more than the Nomad Zond remotes (lower photo).
  • Nomad Moran Maasai Hunter (the version holding his rifle upright = no tartan cloak to paint!) with two Crazy Koalas.
  • Haqqislam Djanbazan Sniper (awesome pose, and regenerates as well!).
  • Haqqislam Odalisques (female bodyguards) 2 of each (4 in total).
  • Haqqislam female Hassassin Fiday impersonator with Boarding Shotgun.
  • Haqqislam Hafzas x 2.
  • Haqqislam Ghulam Infantry (the second photo, three models) female model to be painted up as a doctor.
  • Haqqislam Ghulam with Panzerfaust (see previous link, first photo).

The second batch, minus the Yáokòng remotes:

With the addition of the Statuesque Miniatures Kusanagi-alike that I already have as a fifth Odalisque that'll give me a thirteen-strong Haqqislam force with eight female models and five male models - however there will usually be less models on the table as the Hafzas start off disguised to match other models in the force.


Now comes the Iron Discipline part, plus trying to fit this in around lots of scenery construction and painting.




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