Copplestone Castings Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Range

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£6.50 per pack

Welcome to another miniature review, this one will be a review of the miniatures you can get from Copplestone Castings. In particular from their Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range, which sits very nicely with Crooked dice’s game of TV spies 7TV.

And a huge thank you to them for letting me do this to their miniatures.


Lots of bags of goodness a very happy bear. 

So what did we get well a mix bag(s) of several different options that CC make. As before with other miniature reviews I will be doing a 2-parter, allow me to explain;

I will be doing shots of each group of miniatures as pictures are worth a thousand words, but you will still be getting some words as well (sorry). Also I will be showing what the finished miniatures looked like from the company (studio painted) when I can.

Then once I have got round to it I will also publish my attempts at painting these miniatures as a second follow-up post.

Any other suggestions stick a comment/harass me on Twitter. So let’s get started.

General observations – the casting are very good in general with all the miniatures, coming as one piece of metal. Now I would have guessed some flatness would be apparent in such sculpts but I am pleased to say that none of the miniatures give the feeling of said flatness.

All the miniatures are 28mm and there is hardly any flash to speak of which makes life so much easier. Overall here is another small company that knows what it is doing.

First up since all the miniatures are to the same scale I figured you will only need to see one scale shot  so welcome back my trusty double act;



As mentioned they fit well with other 28mm miniatures and you may have noticed are less ‘hero-scale’ than other companies...


Now onto the miniatures themselves, first up are the Guards in Hard Hats.

Evil guards, check! with hard hats check! and machine guns check! I think we have ourselves some cannon fodder. ;-)

You will notice no flash to speak of and nice details here and there. I like that all the 3 sculpts are slightly different but altogether they are hard to tell apart as any guard in this genre should be

Overall a very good start for the review, with hardly any clean up work needed.


Trainee Agents

A pattern has already started nice details when they are needed and hardly any clean up needed.

I will say this, the secretary miniature is probably the least details miniature I will review for this (and probably the least dynamic) but you know what it still works which in my mind is very impressive.

Studio paint job

If you spot the difference you win a prize…

You may notice that the secretary has a skirt/top painted on but if you look at the non-painted miniature it would be just as easy to paint a one-piece dress as well (with flowers on it).


Top Agents

You will notice that these are the first miniatures that have need any sort of ‘major’ clean up and let’s be honest that is not a lot to do is it?


Soul Section

Again some nice details and hardily any flash just a small amount on the lady! The lady is my only question mark against the position of the miniature as I am not sure what she is doing!

Studio paint job


KGB men

I am not even going to repeat myself with these guys just look and enjoy…

Studio paint job


And finally, Evil Genius!

I don’t know how they did it but they have come up with 3 unique bad guys with a touch of the recognizable about them. I love these but then everyone deep down loves the bad guys really always way more cooler..

Anyway the miniatures, guess what? they are well done and don’t need much cleaning up!!

Studio painted

Conclusions – Well what to say other than Mark Copplestone knows what he is doing and this set of miniatures are well done and with the limitations that one piece mouldings can bring they have pulled off some very nice dynamic feeling miniatures.

While the prices are very reasonable  for what you get and certainly more bang for your buck against the bigger companies.

If you are starting out with 7TV or similar genre of rules then Copplestone has the miniatures to get you going throughly recommended!



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