Stocking Infinity! (Updated 1st March)

Big news - we've stocked a very small part of the Infinity range for some time now but we're now going to be continuously stocking the entire range of Infinity blisters and boxes alongside our existing Micro Art Studio stock and of course our large range of secondhand GW items.

Yesterday we received a massive box of shiny goodies from the distributor which takes us up to around 95% coverage as there two dozen items out of stock. Which gives you some idea of the size of the range! Stocking all 400 items has been quite an investment for us and you can be sure I'll be pushing the stock as much as possible...

The scary bit is that that's not all of the boxes, we had half a dozen in stock already and there were about another half-dozen out of stock. Plus of course there's a huge mound of blisterpacks...

I'm attending an Infinity tournament in Thatcham (near Reading) this weekend and am planning to then get the bulk of the new stock online during next week.

In the meantime, will be the best place to get started as you can search by combinations of faction (ALEPH, Ariadna etc.), unit type (Light Infantry, TAGs etc.) and also by Sectorial (Bakunin, Hassassins etc.). In the longer run I plan to expan this out into a full reverse unit finder so that you can do things like 'find all Nomad Hackes with camouflage' and get a list of the units, their statlines, options/points costs etc.

We'll have all the stock on hand at the Spring Challenge in early April and also will have a stall at the Legionary wargaming show in Exeter in early May.


P.S. We still have three last copies of the Campaign: Paradiso book with the limited edition GoGo Marlene journalist model...


UPDATE 25th Feb

The following factions are now online:



Combined Army


With Haqqislam coming next...


Update 1st March




That leaves just the Tohaa and Yu Jing. We've also had a restock order arrive, adjusted stock levels on the web store are now live.