Freddie's Travel Diary - Day 11

We went to another Alm. Nowadays they feed the tourists here. In the old days it was the summer grazing grounds of the villages cow herds. Well and mountains ....

Freddie's Travel Diary - Day 10

Today we went up a real mountain, the Almkopf, 1802 meters (6000 ft),  approx 500 meters (1670 ft) to actually scale. Here's me next to the summit cross.

Freddie's Travel Diary - Day 9

Weather still not very nice. Made our way into Tyrolia and eventually found the camping grounds in Lermoos. 

Freddie's Travel Diary - Day 8

They seem to be set on setting a milage record. So a day of driving and it's so hot it nearly melted my glue. Just before we reached our overnight parking place or (Wohnmobilstellplatz) we ran into a thunderstorm! They had to stop 'cause the rain was so heavy you couldn't see the road anymore.

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