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Event Report: Tabletop Nation Campaign Paradiso (part 1)

So, this weekend a bunch of us from the Exeter and Reading areas headed over to Hockley on the far side of London for an event put on by Corvus Belli and Tabletop Nation. This was the UK introductory event for the new Campaign: Paradiso missions and campaign book for Infinity.

All we really knew in advance is that we would be playing the first 'chapter' of missions from the book and that they would have very different requirements from previous Infinity games we'd played and that Baggage Remotes would be really important. In preparation I loaded up as many of my painted Nomads as possible and (shock! horror!) got a few new ones assembled and base coloured including an ALEPH Probot for baggage as I haven't yet got the Nomad Salyuts.

Anyway, on with some photos!

The main table with derelict overpass.The main table with derelict overpass. Carlos distributing objectives.Carlos distributing objectives.

Burn it, burn it with fire! An Infinity batrep, with zombies

'We've had to put Moderator Halo 'Thumper' Jones into quarantine after the cleanup operation. Although she has shown no signs of infection it has been hard to distinguish the symptoms from her usual hyper-aggressive behaviour and she did come within touching distance of fifteen-plus active infection vectors, the so-called 'Mardi Gras zombies'.

Halo's actions have already been immortalised in 'The Ballad of Halo Jones' via Arachnenet in spite of Aleph's attempted news blackout on all channels of Maya.

Observations are continuing.'


A New Year's Timelapse

Being the geeky type that I am, when a club member and I had a large Infinity battle on New Year's Day, I decided to do a timelapse movie of the whole session.

Here is the result, although this is the rough cut without any additional editing:

Keep an eye on the far lampshade, it bobs about quite a bit...



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