Used Packaging

We recently received some feedback on our eBay Shop which went something like this: 'For sending my stuff in a used box padded with some newspaper your postage charges are much too high. Oh, btw it arrived in good condition.'.

My initial reaction was to write a blog detailing our P&P charges which you can read here: http://wargamingtrader.com/postage-and-packing


Then I started to think in more depth about recycled packaging. Here is why we do it:

2012 Postage Increases

If you're not in the UK (and even if you are), you've probably not aware that Royal Mail are about to introduce their largest increase in postal charges since 1975 - for some types of overseas packet the prices are nearly doubling!

As much as we try to keep our P&P charges on the low end, we now have no choice but to increase them or end up losing money on nearly every package we send out the door. :-(

Warseer Landing Pad

Stores open again

Both the webstore and eBay store are open again, but we will be taking another break in about three weeks so get your orders in while you can!




P.S. Keep a look out for the upcoming adventures of Fred the Dread on his travels across the world.

Snipe, snipe, snipity-snipe

Using sniping software for eBay - always a contentious topic!

We use sniping software (specifically, Auction Hunter) for a number of reasons, partly based on the way that Lele and I search for items to bid on.

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