PanOceania Guarda de Assalto

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A two-model blisterpack, the Guarda de Assalto is a fast-moving powered armour trooper accompanied by a monowheel drone.

Noticably less complex to build than last week's Chimera, the Guarda de Assalto is notable for having two different sets of arms with different weapon loadouts.


Spring Challenge Tournament Pack


Spring Challenge Beta Mission: Info-Grab


Infinity Überfallkommando & GZG Drone Assembly

Having finally broken open my Überfallkommando box set that was bought back in the Autumn, the assembly of the Chimera and Evil Ram Pupnik (henceforth known as the Evil Goat Git) was involved enough to deserve a blog post in addition to the review!


First, Evil Goat Git.


Bakunin Überfallkommando Box Set

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A four model box set, the Überfallkommando consists of a Chimera (a cyborg undercover operative) and her three Pupniks, human-animal hybrids bred for the underground fighting circuit.

Definitely a kit for the advanced modeller, the Chimera in particular is a tricky build.


Spring Challenge Beta Mission: The Plant Collector


Moderator Sniper Conversion

For #miniaturemonday this week I decided to do a blog post covering a conversion I've wanted to do for a while - a Infinity Nomad Sniper. In game terms it's a bit of an oddity as you'd usually be better off having the Multi Sniper Rifle on a more powerful unit, but as part of a Link Team it could be quite nasty.

Anyway, here goes. Some plasticard rod, 1mm metal wire, the 'bunny girl' Moderator, an Intruder Sniper's Multi Sniper Rifle (for comparisons) and one of Antenociti's resin spaceship bases.


PAW 2012 Demo Table Report part 2

Following on from part one, some more photos from PAW 2012.

First up, some of the other SF&F tables. Beasts & Bionics' very nice-looking Puplp City game, I believe using Sarissa precision buildings:

You've got to love a knitted TARDIS!


PAW 2012 Demo Table Report

Today I was down in Plymouth for day one of Plymouth Association of Wargamers' annual games convention, running an infinity participation table.

Exhausting but a lot of fun, quite a few people appear to have caught the bug - helped by Corvus Belli supplying me with a bunch of promotional blisterpacks, badges and posters to hand out to participants!

The first task was to get everything there, it's amazing what you can fit in a Smart:


Spring Challenge Beta Mission: The Silk Must Flow!

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