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Legionary 2011 - Infinity Participation Report

Last Saturday was Legionary, the local wargames convention. The games club that I belong to, the Exeter Inquisition, put on two participation games: a 40k Kill Team game with a small squad of Imperial Guard facing endless waves of zombies and at the other end of the table an urban Infinity setup.

The 40k game, plus rather a lot of zombies:


The Shiny Has Landed

The Shiny has landed, I repeat, the Shiny has landed!

This morning a large parcel arrived from Spain.

The big box of 50% Army Packs from Infinity Week arrived. Let's take a look at the contents.


Infinity FAQ PDF March 2011 (outdated)


Painting Pledge Update

It's been two and a bit weeks since starting my painting pledge, and things are going roughly to plan.

Since then, the Spektr Sniper has been finished although it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped:


Paint the one you're with...

The Problem

Having a collection of Rogue Trader and 2nd edition 40k forces including Eldar, Squats, Chaos Marines and some Tyranids (and vast swarms of Warhammer Skaven that would blanket the earth if stupid stupid rat creatures in they ever escaped), buying new models hasn't really been an issue for me for many a year.

Then Infinity came along. Wow.


Uncloaking Sniper Part 1

Having started playing Infinity about five months ago, the end of painting up my initial Nomads force is just about in sight. Out of three non-humanoid robots and eight humanoid models, the robots are base-coloured, three of the humans are finished and the remaining five humanoids (one human, two remote drones and a couple of walking bombs) are now undercoated.

Here's the most recent group shot, before the robots were base-coated and the unpainted models undercoated:

Painted humans:


Infinity Stuff

Due to the amount of Infinity-related content I've been adding to the site recently (particularly the excellent Bibliotek e-zine issues), there is now a separate sub-section for Infinity-related resources.



Infinity the Game Terrain House Rules


Infinity the Game Mission Roulette Cards

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