Freight Port Table - Containers & 1st Tile

More progress on the Freight Port table.


Constructed Containers

First off, a big bunch of colourful containers using the same card-wrapped-over-EPS construction method as the first one. Note that the taller pile at the back is a single piece representing four containers.



Infinity Play/Results Sheet (Updated for ITS 2014)


Micro Art Studio Infinity Tech-Coffin x 2

Company: Micro Art Studio

Retail Price: 

Part of Micro Art Studio's extensive range of Infinity items, this blister contains two resin 'crash coffins', one-person re-entry vehicles. Specifically designed for some of the missions in Campaign: paradiso it's also useful as a general objective marker.



Looks & Styling

Representing a landed and opened pod, the crash coffin has a fairly high-tech feel. Detailing is crisp. The design has the two control panels clearly in easy reach of the set, my one (minor) gripe with the aesthetics of the design would be the three-part seat belt being neatly closed after the occupant has crashed down into a gravity well and scrambled out.


UK Infinity Player Locator - More Free Stuff!

Jed from Antenociti's Workshop is giving away some freebies to get more UK Infinity players on the map and we've decided to help out by adding MOAR FREE STUFF!

Here's what Jed is doing:

There’s a very handy but somewhat under-utilised ‘Infinity The Game’ player locator here:

Site Page

2014 Infinity Spring Challenge - Joint Ops (Sunday now FULL!)

This Challenge Series event is made up of two separate one day tournaments.



As of Feb 14th Sunday is full and Saturday has three spaces remaining. There will be a reserve list for Sunday in case any tickets haven't been paid for by March 1st.


Saturday Daytime - Joint Ops Tournament

Aimed towards helping newer players, Saturday's tournament will use the new Joint Ops format with newer players being teamed up with more experienced players to play in pairs.

Each player will have a 200pt force so each side will be 400ot.

Each player will be allowed two lists but they must be from the same vanilla faction or Sectorial.


Saturday Evening - Fun Stuff

Open gaming including board games, Infinihulk etc.


Sunday - 300pt 'Classic' Tournament

This will be a standard 300pt ITS tournament with the usual two lists from the same vanilla faction or Sectorial.


Download Links

Terrain House Rules



Freight Port Table - Planning & Prep (updated)

The Inspiration

Not having made any scenery for some time I've been starting to get itchy fingers. So when I saw this Tetris-inspired idea for a modular small storage space table on the Infinity forums I decided to start a new table.

Daixomaku's original Sketchup design and tiles:


Rather than a direct copy I'm using the basic idea of stackable tiles (and 3x3 16" tiles to make a 4x4' board) but making it more industrial/SF-looking by taking the idea of the big walls and cladding them with micro-corrugated card to make freight containers. As this is a table that doesn't need to be so easily transportable I have more freedom in the design.


2013 Winter Challenge Results

The results for the 2013 Winter Challenge. 


2013 Winter Challenge Collaborative Mission


2013 Winter Challenge Tournament Pack


Infinity Terrain House Rules v2

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