Legionary 2012 Report

Another Legionary has come and gone.

Not massively busy in terms of attendees but the Infinity roadshow games were well attended. Here's the table:



Dual-Scale Infinity Remote

At the end of my Salute 2012 purchases blog post, you may have seen that I started assembling a 'spare' Infinity Remote (A Yu Jing Yaokong) so that it can be used for both Infinity and as a 15mm walker/large Tachikoma.

As there is little scale-specific detail on the model itself, the main way of giving it scale seemd to be the base - by using a 1.5mm ply disc instead of the usual 3-4mm high plastic base it sits lower to the ground and looks more convincing next to a 15mm figure, plus I came up with the neat idea of adding a magnetised 15mm trooper taking cover behind one of the front leg plates.

The base will be getting a sandy texture so a couple of small indentations for the trooper's legs shouldn't be too intrusive when used for 28mm gaming. Painting-wise the model will probably get a sandy and green camo pattern as this will fit both my existing 15mm forces for Gruntz (and the club's desert terrain) and my 28mm Haqqislam force for Infinity. Technically Haqqislam have their own chicken-style robots but I prefer the looks of the Yaokong.



Infinity April 2012 Previews

A couple of days late for their usual 'preview the previous month', the 'April' Infinity previews are mostly a cracking bunch.


Micro Art Studio Infinity Holo Ads

Company: Micro Art Studio

Retail Price: 

Another item from Micro Art Studio's 'Designed for Infinity' range, this is a set of translucent ads using imagery from the game.




Webstore Updated - P&P changes, MAS in stock

After being down for several days for maintenance, major changes to P&P charges (thanks Royal Mail) and a few other things, the webstore is up again.


While changing a whole bunch of things, I also found time to implement some updates:

Site Page

2012 Infinity Roadshow


Intro games, information on factions and background, advice on lists, tactics and more.

Free Quick Start Rules and either promotional blister, badge or poster for all intro game players - while stocks last, supplied by Corvus Belli.



Upcoming Events:


Infinity Tournaments

Upcoming tournaments:

Infinity Summer Challenge June 30th-July 1st 2012

Infinity Autumn Challenge Campaign Weekend October 27-28th 2012


Past tournaments:

Infinity Spring Challenge March 24-25th 2012

Spring Challenge Photoblog pt 1


Odalisque Arm Swap

Quite a long time ago I bought a bunch of Infinity Odalisques with the idea of forming a unit of them. As there are only two models available this was likely to involve some conversion work. Also the Odalisque illustration in the Human Sphere rulebook has a much better pose - seen below on the cover of the Beasts of War quick start PDF alongside the two released sculpts:



Sarissa Habitation Pod - Settler

Retail Price: 

Coming to market toward the end of 2011 was Sarissa Precision's 'System ∞' set of modular laser-cut MDF scenery. As the Settler Pod is largely identical to the previously reviewed Explorer Pod this review will mostly look at changes from the smaller pod.

The Settler Pod is in the middle of the sizes of buildings available from Sarissa.



Tabla de Rangos de Armas en Infinity

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