Used Packaging

We recently received some feedback on our eBay Shop which went something like this: 'For sending my stuff in a used box padded with some newspaper your postage charges are much too high. Oh, btw it arrived in good condition.'.

My initial reaction was to write a blog detailing our P&P charges which you can read here:


Then I started to think in more depth about recycled packaging. Here is why we do it:

Infinity Bootleg Packaging

The bootleg range just arrived.

The new packaging makes a drastic change in design, reinforcing that these are part of a separate range from the gaming models. All rather tasty in design, if a bit tasteless when it comes to some of the illustrations...

Dark blue packaging.Dark blue packaging.

Crunchy Maggots and Other Oddities

Models arrive with us in all sorts of packaging, here are some of my recent favourites.

A purpose-built wooden box, the most sturdy parcel we've ever received!

Packaging arrival of the day: File Box

We get a lot of strange and bizarre packets through the post when buying in stock for the store, and send out some pretty odd packaging ourselves.

Today's pick isn't odd as such, but it definitely raised a smile - a file box!

As packaging its very robust and kept the figures and tanks nice and safe, the problem is weight - at 655g it would cost nearly £3 to send when empty. :-(


The Season Has Started

Now the evenings are getting darker and eBay gets busier, I am back to packing lots of figures again.

This is how it starts:

Then we add a bit of this:

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