Company: Tor Gaming

Retail Price: 
$10.00 / Free

Welcome to my review of Relics from the guys from Tor Gaming a skirmish based game with some of the most original miniatures around.

I will be looking at the rulebook that is available on-line from Wargame Vault. There are two versions available, one for $10.00 (USD) that includes all of the rules and army lists, and a free 'Starter' version (missing rules on Magic, Morale, Command and Lingering Effects, and only has army lists for figures in the Starter Cans). As always I will be covering the usual FMRRMWYGFYMS system of reviews.


Freebooter's Fate - Deep Jungle

Retail Price: 

Welcome to my review of the latest expansion book out for Freebooter's Fate – Deep Jungle.

If you have not consider Freebooter's fate before head over to my blog for a week long review of it starting on Day 1

No Go Zone

Company: Warm Acre Games

Retail Price: 
£10 hard copy, $6 download

The fine chaps at Warm Acre games back in the summer kindly gave me copies of their games No Go Zone and Hour of Glory and thanks to a quite bonkers amount of work both on and off The Shell Case they got pushed down the review list. But today No Go Zone, a game or street violence, gets roughed up and shaken down for its beer money.

As I mentioned No Go Zone is a game about street violence. Law and order against the boozed up rabble of Chaos.

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