ITS 2014 Scenario Crib Sheets

ITS 2014: Cliff Notes Edition

The 2014 Infinity Tournament System season (try saying that quickly ten times) introduced some new missions and tweaked some of the missions from the previous season.

To focus players' minds at the Spring Challenge last month I did a set of summary slides which were shown before each round. I've now added ones for the missions we didn't play at the event.

Lifeblood was one of the new scenarios for the 2014 season. It has slightly stricter army list restrictions than the other missions as you not only need some Specialist troops but also troopers with specific ammo types to destroy the crate objectives after they've been searched.

2014 Infinity Summer Challenge - Campaign Weekend

This Challenge Series event is made up of two one-day tournaments.


Saturday - 400pt Campaign Tournament

There will be three games across Saturday and Saturday evening, allowing plenty of time for people to write new lists between each round as they gain XP to spend on army upgrades and Spec Ops.

Saturday missions:

  • Emergency Transmission
  • Antenna Field
  • Bacon Race

There will also be spare gaming tables set up on Saturday for free casual gaming, anyone welcome!


Sunday - 300pt 'Classic' Tournament

A 300pt standard tournament with no Spec Ops.

Sunday missions:

  • Quadrant Control
  • Supplies
  • Seize the Antenna


Download Links

Terrain House Rules


Infinity Play/Results Sheet (Updated for ITS 2014)

2014 Epic Winter Warmer

This Saturday I headed ninety miles up the road to Vanguard Wargaming in Bristol, for the Epic UK Winter Warmer. This is a slightly laid-back tournament with no restrictions on army lists so all sorts of experimental stuff can turn up.

Due to misjudging the length of the drive I arrived about 15m late so it was pretty much straight into the first round against Ben's Black Legion Chaos Marines.


Round One


Generally excellent scenery. This game was really an uphill struggle all the way, which turned out to be expected as I'd got paired against the winner of most of the previous Winter Warmer events. It eventually went 3-0 to Ben at the end of turn 3 but would presumably have been 5-0 if I hadn't managed to rally the remaining Plaguereaper, both Plaguehounds and a fourth formation, I think one of the Death Guard Retinues.

2014 Infinity Spring Challenge - Joint Ops (Sunday now FULL!)

This Challenge Series event is made up of two separate one day tournaments.



As of Feb 14th Sunday is full and Saturday has three spaces remaining. There will be a reserve list for Sunday in case any tickets haven't been paid for by March 1st.


Saturday Daytime - Joint Ops Tournament

Aimed towards helping newer players, Saturday's tournament will use the new Joint Ops format with newer players being teamed up with more experienced players to play in pairs.

Each player will have a 200pt force so each side will be 400ot.

Each player will be allowed two lists but they must be from the same vanilla faction or Sectorial.


Saturday Evening - Fun Stuff

Open gaming including board games, Infinihulk etc.


Sunday - 300pt 'Classic' Tournament

This will be a standard 300pt ITS tournament with the usual two lists from the same vanilla faction or Sectorial.


Download Links

Terrain House Rules


2013 Winter Challenge Results

The results for the 2013 Winter Challenge. 

2013 Winter Challenge Collaborative Mission

2013 Winter Challenge Tournament Pack

Infinity Starter Pack Tourney Guidelines

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