A SKUed view of the world

In our business we started using SKUs (stock keeping units) very early on. Mostly for my benefit because the difference between "Games Workshop Plastic Dwarf Warriors on Sprue" and "Games Workshop Plastic Ork Warriors on Sprue" is too subtle to quickly compute. My only other excuse is that I love numbers. They are so clear, appealing and often well rounded ;-) 

Epic in the Offing

In the last couple of weeks I have sorted through hundreds and hundreds of Epic models. You could say it was an epic sort. (Ouch, ouch, stop that, Lele.) To be honest, sorting Epic can be a bit of a challenge due to the discrepancy between size of the models and the accuracy of my eyesight. But it's now all sitting there in little tubs waiting to be photographed.

This is the next bit of fun, taking 3 minutes to line up 65 bases for one photo and then repeat that a hundred times...


TANSTAAFP - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Postage

There's no 'Free Postage' like there's no 'Free Lunch'
For a while now eBay has been pushing sellers to offer 'Free Postage'. Well actually, they are encouraging sellers to integrate the postage & packaging costs into the item price. So postage is still not free, it has just become a hidden charge.

Yes, we as a seller could just add £3 to each item we sell and only charge an additional P&P fee to international customers. But we see a few problems with this concept. 

Used Packaging

We recently received some feedback on our eBay Shop which went something like this: 'For sending my stuff in a used box padded with some newspaper your postage charges are much too high. Oh, btw it arrived in good condition.'.

My initial reaction was to write a blog detailing our P&P charges which you can read here: http://wargamingtrader.com/postage-and-packing


Then I started to think in more depth about recycled packaging. Here is why we do it:

Postage AND Packing

How we calculate our P&P prices. P&P means postage and packaging so includes a lot more than just the price printed on the franked label.

Our prices are made up of these factors:


UK Europe Rest of World

P&P charge




eBay & PayPal fees*




Packaging materials








Franking machine rental & ink








Total cost








*Yes, both eBay and PayPal take a cut of what we charge for P&P. :-(

Stocking Infinity - Part 2

As of this weekend we now have the whole line of Infinity blisters and box sets up on the web store, although we're already out of stock of about twenty items again...

If you're looking for something specific then http://store.wargamingtrader.com/infinity/search is your best starting point, as you can search by combinations of faction, unit type and Sectorial.

Stocking Infinity! (Updated 1st March)

Big news - we've stocked a very small part of the Infinity range for some time now but we're now going to be continuously stocking the entire range of Infinity blisters and boxes alongside our existing Micro Art Studio stock and of course our large range of secondhand GW items.

Yesterday we received a massive box of shiny goodies from the distributor which takes us up to around 95% coverage as there two dozen items out of stock. Which gives you some idea of the size of the range! Stocking all 400 items has been quite an investment for us and you can be sure I'll be pushing the stock as much as possible...

New Micro Art Studio Infinity Stock

Our restock order is in and it's a big one!

Also in are four new tokens - Tracking Beacon, Nullifier, Narrow Gate and Wide Gate.

Webstore Updated - P&P changes, MAS in stock

After being down for several days for maintenance, major changes to P&P charges (thanks Royal Mail) and a few other things, the webstore is up again.



While changing a whole bunch of things, I also found time to implement some updates:

2012 Postage Increases

If you're not in the UK (and even if you are), you've probably not aware that Royal Mail are about to introduce their largest increase in postal charges since 1975 - for some types of overseas packet the prices are nearly doubling!

As much as we try to keep our P&P charges on the low end, we now have no choice but to increase them or end up losing money on nearly every package we send out the door. :-(

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