Infinity Weapon Ranges Chart (OLD VERSION)

Yu Jing Haramaki Zensenbutai Box Set & Blister

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Box Set 24€, Blister 8.75€

The Haramaki Zensenbutai are Yu Jing Samurai warriors in powered armour.


Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 4 - Sunday Games

The fourth and final photoblog from the Spring Challenge. Part three here.

Round 4

Infinity Summer Challenge 2012

Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 3 - Painted Armies, Zombies!

But first, round 3! (Part two here, by the way.)

Unused guard dogs in the middle of the table while some Loup-Garou set up behind the turtle:


Yu Jing on the loose again:

Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 2 - Saturday

The next batch of photos, following on from part one...


Spring Challenge Tournament Results

The results for the Spring Challenge. The total number of tournament points from each round was the main criteria with victory points as the tie-breaker. We also kept track of crits suffered by each player.

Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 1

This evening I was over at Iron Haven Games setting up tables for this weekend's Infinity Spring Challenge. Here are the results.

First up is the trophy rack prize shelf.

PanOceania Military Orders Magister Knight Box Set

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The Magister Knights are future warrior-monks of the Military Orders of PanOceania.

ALEPH Dasyu Hacker

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A single-model blister, the Dasyu are elite thermo-optic camouflaged killers.

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