UK Infinity Player Locator - More Free Stuff!

Jed from Antenociti's Workshop is giving away some freebies to get more UK Infinity players on the map and we've decided to help out by adding MOAR FREE STUFF!

Here's what Jed is doing:

There’s a very handy but somewhat under-utilised ‘Infinity The Game’ player locator here:

For ourselves and others to organise events and ITS games it’s very handy to be able to see where active gamers are in the UK, so in an effort to try to get as many active UK gamers on that list, we’re going to offer a free Infinity figure to one lucky person once the number of UK people registered there reaches 50. Beyond that we’ll give away a free box-set to one person once that number reaches 100 and, if it gets to 200, we’ll throw in a free MDF Habitat building or sci-fi vehicle.

The only ‘condition’ is that you need to be an active UK Infinity gamer and also be signed-up and active on the Infinity official forums here:

Offer ends end of January 2014!


There is also a UK Infinity group on facebook for anybody interested:

and dont forget CBs own page here:  and their twitter feed here:


The Wargaming Trader is going to fill in some gaps, so we're adding an Infinity blister of the winner's choice once it reaches 75 UK players and an Infinity box set of the winner's choice up to £30 (our price not RRP) once it reaches 150 UK players. All with the same 'condition' as the original offer.

If the number of players hits 200 we'll be looking at adding an extra something in on top of that.


50 winner - s0tek 75 winner -

50 winner - s0tek

75 winner - superskilly

The next goal is 100 which prizes from both Antenociti and Warsenal.