Used Packaging

We recently received some feedback on our eBay Shop which went something like this: 'For sending my stuff in a used box padded with some newspaper your postage charges are much too high. Oh, btw it arrived in good condition.'.

My initial reaction was to write a blog detailing our P&P charges which you can read here:


Then I started to think in more depth about recycled packaging. Here is why we do it:

Reason 1: It lowers costs - and we pass these savings on to you the customer by only taking 20p into account per parcel for packaging. This includes everything from envelopes to boxes, padding = packing chips, bubble wrap, air cushions etc, Sellotape, parcel tape and the time it takes to pack your items securely.

Reason 2: It saves the environment on many different levels. Production: uses vital resources like oil, trees, energy. Transportation: uses again oil and also roads, vehicles etc. Disposal: uses space - landfill or energy - incineration and both create noxious emissions.

Reason 3: The sheer waste. There is all this wonderful used packaging material out there and it all gets chucked away. Also, would you have a use for the new packaging materials you receive from us?

I think it's a win/win situation and it is fun to think of new and innovative ways of creating secure, light and cost effective packaging.