From Warhammer Widow to Warhammer Trader

When I met Ian he was big into wargaming, roleplaying and Magic cards. So from the day go he played two, three times per week and I mostly entertained myself or worked :( If there was an event he would be away for a couple of days and engrossed for quite a while in advance. Well, I got used to that.

Then Ian started studying and built a business and after a while all things gaming went on the back burner. He now pursued all things photography with an equal fervour. That is until the mid-naughties when business dried up.

This was bad and it got worse. Eventually money got real tight and Ian put some of his old lead on eBay. It sold for reasonable prices. Ian packed parcels and decided to put up more the next week. Which sold as well. Only, you might have guessed, the parcel packing provided a problem. He didn't do it the next day or the next or the one after.

Eventually I asked a fatal (or wise?) question: 'Shall I pack the parcels?' This was met with an enthusiastic 'Yes'

And thus it began, my life as a Warhammer Trader. Since then I've packed a lot of parcel, approximately 13,000 and there will be more.

What also began was my introduction to the Warhammer universe or rather it's models. The start was really difficult. Believe it or not, they looked all the same. Absolutely not, you will think, and I agree - now, after six years of spotting them on eBay and sorting, photographing and packing them. I can now distinguish between different plastic arms and even see the difference between an Orc piece and an Ork piece. Can you? Here, give it a try: