Month: August 2023

  • Epic Remastered, Fog of War Batrep

    Epic Remastered, Fog of War Batrep

    The day after Counter Attack, I headed over to see Eric, the guy behind the Epic 40,000 Compendium. He’s also the main author (with my assistance) of the Epic Remastered site, the fan rewrite of Epic 40,000. We played a 1,500 point game of Epic Remastered, using the Fog of War scenario which gives each…

  • EpicUK Counter Attack 2023

    EpicUK Counter Attack 2023

    At the end of July I travelled up to Bristol for Counter Attack, an EpicUK Epic Armageddon tournament. I took the new Gargant Mob list, with a whole bunch of Gargants and Supa Stompas. This was an unusual even format, with a 2,500 point list used for the first two games, and a 4,000 point…