Epic Remastered, Fog of War Batrep

The day after Counter Attack, I headed over to see Eric, the guy behind the Epic 40,000 Compendium. He’s also the main author (with my assistance) of the Epic Remastered site, the fan rewrite of Epic 40,000.

We played a 1,500 point game of Epic Remastered, using the Fog of War scenario which gives each player a secret objective and limits how much of their army they can use.

I drew a 7 from the pack, so had to hold the Cleanse objective in my deployment zone for four turns, and then get at least two detachments off my table edge, at least half-strong. I could bring on up to half of my points, in addition to the cheapest detachment that started on the table.

The game started well, with my Stormboyz fighting off the Beastmen and a detachment of Juggernaught riders in a Firefight.

Then it got messier…

After getting close to winning the assault, which would have killed almost all of the Khorne models due to their Rampage rule, I lost. 🤣

Unfortunately I’d moved the Gargant too far onto the table when I should have kept it back near the edge, and this meant I couldn’t move it off the table in turn five, after holding the Cleanse objective in turns 1-4!

We were running out of time to play out turn five, so called it a win to Eric as the Gargant had suffered damage and wasn’t likely to be over half strength after the next Bloodthirster assault. Eric had drawn an ace, so got his full army and just had to stop me achieving my objective.

Overall, a fun and intentionally imbalance mission, which I need to play more of!

While the models used were all mine, we played on Eric’s very nice terrain set-up.