EpicUK Counter Attack 2023

At the end of July I travelled up to Bristol for Counter Attack, an EpicUK Epic Armageddon tournament.

I took the new Gargant Mob list, with a whole bunch of Gargants and Supa Stompas. This was an unusual even format, with a 2,500 point list used for the first two games, and a 4,000 point list for the third game.

Game One

The first round was my Orks against Darren’s Speed Freak Orks. In an extra twist, the deployment zones were 30 cm deep instead of 15 cm, and we placed each other’s objective markers.

Random picture dump from the rest of game one…

Game one was a winning draw to me, the closest I’ve ever got to beating Darren!

Army Photos

Game Two

Game two was against Death Korp of Krieg, which I hadn’t fought before. Less photos this time as I had to concentrate more on the game!

This game was a bit of a comedy of errors, with both of us failing to activate formations on 2+, even with a Supreme Commander re-roll, and my four Titan-killer missile Supa Stompa failing to kill a Gorgon.

Game three was a losing draw, which I’m fairly happy with when using a new faction against a faction I’ve not used before, plus strange dice! Average rolls with the missile Supa Stompa would have killed one-and-a-bit Gorgons and all the infantry in the dead one and broken the formation, slightly above average rolls would have killed the lot!

Game Three

Game three was against Orks again, including a lovely scratch-built Death Skulls Great Gargant.

With so many of Ollie’s formations getting broken by massed Lobba fire from my Gargants and Supa Stompas, it was a 2-0 win to me at the end of turn three.

There was a bit of a mixup with results, and I was given third place at the event but it turned out to be joint-fifth. The top half of the results were very tight, with 2nd place on 112 points and 8th place on 102!

Overall, a nice shake-up of the standard tournament rules.