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  • My 50th Birthday Megabattle, Part 2

    My 50th Birthday Megabattle, Part 2

    Following on from part one… The forces of Chaos, led by Daemon Primarch Angron of the World Eaters, had advanced on the Imperial defenders’ lines in the morning. Now it was time to get serious! Turn Two With the defenders in sight, most of the Chaos forces started charging forwards… With Chaos advancing and the […]

  • My 50th Birthday Megabattle, Part 1

    My 50th Birthday Megabattle, Part 1

    I don’t really celebrate my birthday, but 50 is a big deal. So I decided to go full nerd and organise an enormous multi-player game of Epic 40,000. The scenario was very loosely based on the First War for Armageddon, as Angron approached the River Styx and was ambushed by the Grey Knights. System: Epic […]

  • BOYL ’22

    BOYL ’22

    The Tyranid invasion of a Daemonworld! System: Epic Remastered, aka Epic 3rd edition with some fan edits.Scenario: Custom, see notes and first photo.Game Size and Factions: A bit under 6k of Chaos versus 3.6k of recycling Tyranids versus 2.4k of Space Marines. Back in August, on short notice of a week, I set up a […]