Casual Epic at Exmouth Imperials

This weekend, Exmouth Imperials club had one of their semi-regular weekend gaming days, and I headed around the Exe estuary for an informal game of Epic 3rd edition with Bradley.

We decided to try an Imperial fort being attacked by a few waves of Orks.

The Imperial forces were roughly:

  • 2 Leman Russ companies.
  • 1 superheavy tank company of 2 Baneblades and 2 Shadowswords.
  • 1 Basilisk company with a couple of Deathstrikes.
  • 1 infantry company with Hellhounds and some Ogryns.
  • 1 infantry company with some Griffons.
  • 1 Reaver Titan.

The first wave of Orks included:

  • 1 Great Gargant.
  • 1 Orkeosaurus full of Wildboyz.
  • 2 Battlefortresses.
  • 8 Meganobz units in Battlewagons.
  • A big mass of Gunwagons, plus 2 Speedstas with Death Rays and 3 with Lifta Droppas.
  • 4 Squiggoths full or Grots, and some Boarboyz.
  • 7 Stompas and a vanguard of 15 Deff Dreads.

As it was getting pretty late in the afternoon, we called the game there as being roughly a draw – mainly due to the Stompas breaking before they could charge in and massacre the remaining vanguard of Leman Russes, and the Shadowswords.

Thanks again to Bradley and the rest of the club!