Bring Out Your Lead 2023 – Part 2

Day 2

Following on from part one, more stuff from BOYL!

First up is this 40k game with the ‘classic’ polystyrene ball and cocktail stick plants, ready to gouge lumps out of anyone who wasn’t paying enough attention.

Then a game of Full Tilt, the jousting game that was included in an issue of White Dwarf. Plus a thematically-related game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I think 5th edition.

And, of course, Curtis‘ usual massive game of Hellsreach!

Tom put on a lovely-looking game of Epic 2nd edition.

Miscellaneous photos.

There were some fantastic dragons in the painting not-competition. A classic Great Spined Dragon in a diorama full of details, plus Trish Carden’s new Forest Wyrm.

In the afternoon I managed to grab a spare table for a couple of hours, and ran some new players through an Epic 40,000 intro game, as they couldn’t make it to the into sessions on the previous day.

This involved Peter’s Crimson Fists against my Orks being used by George and a friend, and involved the usual insane assault results.

Part three to come…