My 50th Birthday Megabattle, Part 1

I don’t really celebrate my birthday, but 50 is a big deal. So I decided to go full nerd and organise an enormous multi-player game of Epic 40,000. The scenario was very loosely based on the First War for Armageddon, as Angron approached the River Styx and was ambushed by the Grey Knights.

System: Epic Remastered, aka Epic 3rd edition with some fan edits.
Scenario: The final battle of the First War for Armageddon.
Game Size and Factions: Roughly 20,000 points each of Chaos and Imperial.

Imperial defenders breakdown:

  • Blood Angels (Paul H): 6k
  • Sisters of Battle and Imperial Guard (Matt): 4k
  • Dark Angels and Imperial Guard (Richard): 4k
  • Imperial Guard (Bradley): 4k
  • Greu Knight Reinforcements: about 2k

Chaos attackers breakdown:

  • Mixed Chaos (Jonathan): 4k
  • Khorne and Nurgle (Ian): 8k
  • Emperor’s Children, Nurgle, and Tzeentch (Paul T): 8k

The gaming area was around 19×5’/4.8×1.3 metres on a slightly larger table, to give a bit of space for dice etc.
There was a nomansland about 40 cm deep between the forces, although this contained a number of Chaos Cultists as a vanguard force, with Blast markers already placed on them. A length of cord was used to mark the front of each deployment area, rather than having to measure all the time.

The start of the battle.

Interlude: The Cult of the Horned Bull

The Cult of the Horned Bull had fought their way across Armageddon Secundus, almost as many of them dying to the jungle beasts and disease as to enemy action.

‘Witness! Our lord Angron!’
Few of the Cult survived the battle. But this was no surprise, for Khorne cares not where the blood and the skulls come from.


As both sides unleashed their firepower, the Blast markers and casualties started to pile up.

Interlude: Preparation


The rest of turn one. While Angron was spearheading a successful assault in the centre, the Chaos attacks on the flanks weren’t doing so well in the face of massive firepower.

At the end of turn one we stopped for lunch. The engine kill count as this point was a couple of Lords of Battle, a Questor and two Subjugators, a Warp Palace, and a bunch of lesser War Engines like Baneblades and Shadowswords.

Continued in part two!