My 50th Birthday Megabattle, Part 2

Following on from part one

The forces of Chaos, led by Daemon Primarch Angron of the World Eaters, had advanced on the Imperial defenders’ lines in the morning. Now it was time to get serious!

Turn Two

With the defenders in sight, most of the Chaos forces started charging forwards…

With Chaos advancing and the defenders bunkering down, the firing begins again.


Angron, at the end of turn two, is down to one wound!

Interlude: Dead Piles

We had several tables set up around the main table, for carry cases, casualties etc.

Turn Two-and-a-half

As it was now nearly 6pm and we only had the hall booked for the daytime, it was time to wrap up.

While the Khornate forces in the centre had pushed forwards hard and caused mass casualties, on the flanks the defenders had dug in and were repulsing most of the attackers. With limited time left, we bought on the Grey Knights and fought a limited third turn with them and the Daemons they attacked.

The Aftermath

Angron was alive! A lot of the other Chaos forces weren’t, but Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

I might organise another megabattle next year, when I’m 50 again… 😜