BOYL ’22

The Tyranid invasion of a Daemonworld!

System: Epic Remastered, aka Epic 3rd edition with some fan edits.
Scenario: Custom, see notes and first photo.
Game Size and Factions: A bit under 6k of Chaos versus 3.6k of recycling Tyranids versus 2.4k of Space Marines.

Back in August, on short notice of a week, I set up a big multiplayer game for Sunday at Bring Out Your Lead. Based on my model collection and that someone could bring some extra Tyranids in the afternoon, the best fit was going to be Tyranids against Chaos, with dead Tyranids getting recycled.

The overall scenario was the forces of Chaos trying to hold five scattered Chaos Shrines (Take and Hold objectives), and destroy some Hive Nests (Bunker objectives), while the Tyranids were simply trying to eat stuff.

With a last-minute addition of some Marines, this ended up as a three-way fight with the Crimson Fists coming in from the side to take and hold a sacred statue.
We only managed two turns, on the other hand the forces intentionally started very close together so a fair amount happened across two turns – and with inexperienced players using large forces I’m pretty happy. Apart from the number of players on each side, due to one of the players wandering off we ended up with the whole of the Tyranids controlled by teen Joshua (who did pretty well!) against three older players using the Chaos forces.

For a future participation game I’d make the detachments bigger and simpler, and split the actual army lists into smaller chunks so that each player would have their own separate set of detachments.

Thank you Alex, Dave, Joshua, Peter, and Sebastian!

Shooting took a toll on the Nids, as expected, but several still managed to reach combat in the assault phase. For the fortifications we said that the defenders wouldn’t break or retreat if beaten. One of the shooty Biotitans reached the Reaver (a 40k Bloat Drone conversion), but was beaten without doing much damage.

With the podding Tyranids facing massed Whirlwinds, Land Raiders, and Terminators, all on Overwatch orders to improve their shooting, the remaining Synapse Creatures died before the Assault phase and the detachment failed to charge.

The Predators also made a mess of the Khorne Berzerkers coming across the river, killing all their transports and most of the non-Berzerker Marines.

At the end of turn two we had to call the game to allow time to pack up. Due to the lack of turns, the Tyranid recycling didn’t kick in enough to have enough impact on the game, which will need to be dealt with if running a similar scenario in the future.

Overall, a fantastic game, but with lessons to learn for future versions!